Part of encouraging equity is to provide processes that responds the need for special accommodations and a reporting and response system for acts of discrimination. The university provides training aimed to prevent discrimination of any type, and we also encourage reporting across the entire University. We are all imperfect and can have hidden biases. Our aim is for bias to become less hidden, so we can learn together.

The University’s Commitment

The University of the South stands firmly for the principle that its employees, students, and participants in university-sponsored programs have a right to be free from discrimination based on race, color, sex, religion, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran status, pregnancy and childbirth, and genetic information, and free from sexual misconduct in its educational programs and activities and with regard to employment. The University is committed to sustaining a community in which the dignity of every individual is respected. Key to this value are efforts to nurture an environment of civility and mutual respect and to foster a culture of reporting concerns so that the University can respond promptly and equitably whenever an incident occurs. All employees, students, and participants in university-sponsored programs also have the right to be free from harassment and retaliation.

Values Can Be in Tension with Each Other

The University is also committed to free expression. Speech not specifically directed against individuals in a harassing way may be protected by traditional safeguards of free speech, even though the comments may cause considerable discomfort or concern to others in the community.

Full Policy

The full policy can be found here. For more information go to the Provost’s Page.