The many channels of human experience converge at a pool called anthropology. Learn the patterns and practice of people across time and space, and you’ll connect with something beyond yourself. The anthropologist is a pattern seeker, a storyteller, and an insightful critic.

Why study Anthropology at Sewanee?

At Sewanee, we take an anthropological approach to learning. This layered academic philosophy encourages you to adopt varying viewpoints, and the anthropology curriculum is no exception. Studying anthropology gives you a glimpse into archeological, linguistic, historical, and contemporary socio-cultural settings. Commonly subdivided, this discipline allows you to choose the aspects of culture you connect with most.

At Sewanee, the department focuses on archeological and cultural methodologies. Because the study of anthropology requires a sort of cultural immersion, you are encouraged to study away. This will provide you with invaluable experience and expertise in cross-cultural interaction and research. Field study and other community engagement projects are also key elements in Sewanee’s program in anthropology. You’ll come away with practical analytical skills and the ability to see human diversity as a source of strength and inspiration.


Sewanee graduates secure positions in a variety of fields. Some you would expect, others, are a bit of a surprise. Sewanee prepares you for your profession and your passion. Below is a sampling of recent graduates' first job.

  • Archeological Crew Chief, Statistical Research, Inc., Tuscon, AZ.
  • Teacher, Episcopal School of Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA.
  • Stock Broker, TD Ameritrade, St. Louis, MO.

Sewanee graduates enjoy extraordinary acceptance rates to top graduate and preprofessional programs–about 95 percent to law school and over 85 percent to medical school. Below is a sampling of where Sewanee grads continue their education.

  • Master's in Food and Agriculture Law and Policy, Vermont Law School.
  • Master's in Nursing, Emory University. 

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Richard Allan O’Connor
Biehl Professor of International Studies, Chair of Anthropology