Is gender identity a social construct? How is gender represented in art and media? See how past and present societies have interacted with diverse axes of identification, and investigate the contributions of women throughout history and around the world.

Why women's and gender studies at Sewanee?

Women's and Gender Studies invites you to use gender as a fundamental category of analysis to understand the operations of power among men, women, and transgender individuals. You will study the theoretical paradigms of feminist and queer research, focusing on how scholars have critically engaged, challenged, and revised categories of philosophical and political thought.

You’ll learn about contemporary contributions of women as well as the significance of gender as a cultural construct within the social and natural sciences, in the arts and literature, and in religion. You’ll also study the multiple ways in which gender influences our individual and collective assumptions in local, global, political, and social contexts.

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Andrea Mansker
Professor of History and Chair of Women's and Gender Studies

Walsh-Ellett 203, Ext.1861