The brain is the mainframe of human existence. Examine it, see how it functions, and investigate the links between the brain and behavior. Neuroscience explores a compelling frontier—understanding ourselves and our actions.

Why study Neuroscience at Sewanee?

Neatly bookended by psychology and biology, the study of neuroscience is an interdisciplinary subject that asks us to view the nervous system from various angles: cellular, behavioral, computational, molecular, medical, and more. At Sewanee, you’ll examine the human central processing unit through this same multifaceted approach.

As a neuroscience major, you’ll take courses in everything from psychology and computer science to chemistry and philosophy. The goal is to encourage critical evaluation, discover how the brain functions, and study how its processes affect behavior.

A Sampling of Courses


Programs of Study

Requirements for the Major & Minor in Neuroscience

Requirements for the Major & Minor in Psychology | Website


Brandy N. Tiernan
Assistant Professor of Psychology/Chair of Neuroscience

Woods Lab 311, Ext. 1317