Sewanee Cares is how we promote well-being. It’s a framework for our expectations, policies, and practices in managing mental and physical health and the learning environment.

We encourage members of our community to care for one another, knowing that we are all imperfect. We use Sewanee Cares as a way to talk about our community—students, employees, and community members, and we know that care can take many forms. Under our shared definition, care is a call to action.

Sewanee Cares is our guide to identifying challenges and activating each of us to recognize it and act in a thoughtful, caring manner. We believe that we will be more effective when we share a common vocabulary and values that guide expectations for behavior. It takes all of us supporting one another to create a caring community.

Academic Support

Different types of learners need different types of learning environments and support to manage the rigors and expectations in the classroom. Using a variety of resources, we are able to cater to more than just one learning style.

Wellness Services & Accessibility

Well-being isn't just the absence of mental illness. We should associate flourishing with resilience, a sense of purpose and meaning in life, a sense of belonging, good relationships, and overall thriving both personally and within our Sewanee community.

Equity & Non-Discrimination

Equity takes difference into account to create opportunities for individuals to flourish. When a community values equity, we have fewer challenges related to discrimination, and we develop an ability to take care of ourselves and others.

Respect, Consent, & Title IX

Any kind of gender-related aggression, disrespect, or sexual violence hurts our whole community. It’s on us—all of us—to make Sewanee the kind of community we want to live in, and where everyone can be successful.

Substance Use & Abuse

Sewanee promotes healthier choices regarding alcohol and other drugs, aimed at reducing the prominence of alcohol on campus, reducing the harms and high-risk behaviors that alcohol and other drugs bring to campus life, and to support the educational mission of the University by offering a healthy and supportive environment.

Safety & Security

We take safety and security on the Mountain seriously. And we want you to know that there is a thoughtful collection of people, technologies, and procedures here to support this cause.

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