Medieval history is more than knights and chivalry. Compared to other eras, the medieval period is mysterious—dark, if you will. In areas as diverse as art, religion, philosophy, and science, medieval conceptions of the world have left indelible marks on every era that has followed.

Why Medieval Studies at Sewanee?

The medieval studies program at Sewanee takes you on a journey from the fall of Rome to the 16th century. You’ll get to select an emphasis on one aspect of medieval studies such as literature, art, or philosophy. From architecture to drama, the range of culture from the middle ages will be brought to life. It’s a cross-disciplinary field in which you’ll study the language of Chaucer, the philosophy of Homer, and the history of Latin.

For medievalists, the University hosts the Sewanee Medieval Colloquium, an annual conference attended by historians from around the country. Lectures are given on different themes each year.

A Sampling of Courses

Medieval Studies

Programs of Study

Requirements for the Major & Minor in Medieval Studies


Susan J. Ridyard
Professor of History, Chair of Medieval Studies

Walsh-Ellet 303, Ext. 1531