Our core liberal arts curriculum means you’ll dig deep to get a fuller understanding of the world and your place in it.

Life-long Learners

The Liberal Arts

It’s an education that will prepare you for life, with the critical thinking, creative synthesis, refined judgment, and leadership skills you’ll apply every day in your career.

Pre-Professional Programs

Getting a head start in some professions can make all the difference. That's why Sewanee is committed to training doctors, lawyers, and educators with the skills that they'll need to succeed in their chosen field.

Learning Objectives

During your first two years at Sewanee, you will establish fundamental competencies and knowledge across multiple program of study and modes of inquiry. Courses are spread across eight learning objectives designed to lead you naturally toward your chosen area(s) of concentrated, more advanced study.

Pre-Professional Tracks

Sewanee's academic approach is not simply a liberal arts buffet of courses. Students here have an opportunity to dive deeply into the professional world through pre-professional tracks in medicine, business, education, engineering, and law.