Aspects of business affect every facet of our lives. Whether between individuals, small-town businesses or super-power nations, commerce is always an indicator of health, prosperity, and ingenuity. It’s the exchange of money, yes. But it’s also the heartbeat of human behavior, culture, and ethics.

Why study Business at Sewanee?

Pursuing a business minor at Sewanee prepares you in ways many business programs simply can’t. Our program is anchored in the belief that a liberal arts education offers a distinctive foundation for a business career. You’ll learn about how human behavior, appreciation of global culture, personal values, and ethical standards are all part of the fabric of business.

With courses ranging from statistics to psychology, and microeconomic theory to banking, the business minor is ideal for mapping your way through a career in commerce. Sewanee business minors are also eligible to apply for the Carey Fellows program, a mark of distinction that is designed to prepare fellows for leadership positions in business and finance. Carey Fellows take part in a semester-long internship during their junior year, affording them feet-on-the-ground experience—an experience that fosters the creativity and flexibility it takes to stand out in an entrepreneurial world.

Sewanee Means Business

Liberal Arts: The Best Preparation for Success in Business

The Business Minor

The business minor complements a student’s education in the liberal arts. Students in any major may choose to minor in business. To meet the requirements of the business minor, students complete four core courses in economics, finance, accounting and ethics and choose two electives from one of three tracks: managerial, finance, or international business.

Business Honors

Students seeking a more intensive pre-business experience may apply to become Carey Fellows, Sewanee's business honors program. Carey Fellows complete requirements beyond the normal coursework—such as a semester-long, paid internship—that prepare them for leadership positions in business, consulting, and finance.

Learning From Leaders

The Babson Center for Global Commerce, a key component of the Wm. Polk Carey Pre-Business Program, supports Sewanee students aiming for careers in business with skills training, co-curricular and experiential learning opportunities, internships, the Beecken Bridge Scholarships that support Sewanee students for summer programs at some of the nation’s leading business schools, and a varied program of lectures and discussions that brings leaders in global commerce to the University campus.

A Sampling of Courses


Programs of Study & Related Programs

Students select one of three minor tracks in Business:

  • Managerial
  • International
  • Finance

Requirements for the Major in Economics | Website

Requirements for the Minor in Economics | Website


Gwendolyn Whitfield
Assistant Dean for Business Education

Cleveland Annex 4, Ext. 1822

David Shipps
Director, The Babson Center

Babson Center for Global Commerce, Ext. 1763

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