Forestry is ancient. It’s the identification and restoration of woodlands, the management of timber, and the stewardship of forests. It is finding the balance between human benefit and environmental responsibility.

Why study forestry at Sewanee?

The study of forestry looks at the important features, processes, and issues of forested areas that allow populations to thrive. Why study forestry here on the Mountain?

The Domain’s 13,000 acres is a living laboratory. Here at Sewanee, you will be a student of the land. The Cumberland Plateau offers a stunning amount of diversity, so you’ll never want for exploration. Topics include major tree species, forest biology, tree structure and function, silviculture, fisheries science, and U.S. forest policy and law. You will work closely with faculty, conduct research, and produce lab reports of findings.


Sewanee graduates secure positions in a variety of fields. Some you would expect, others, are a bit of a surprise. Sewanee prepares you for your profession and your passion. Below is a sampling of recent graduates' first job.

  • Forestry Technician, Bureau of Land Management, Kremmling, CO.
  • Land Manager, Forestry Consultants, Aiken, SC.
  • Forestry Technician (Fire Suppression), United States Forest Service, Delores, CO.

A Sampling of Courses

Meet some professors


Sarah C. Sherwood
Associate Professor and University Archaeologist

Snowden Hall 220, Ext. 3396

C. Ken Smith
Professor and Assistant Dean of the Environment

Cleveland Annex 101A, Snowden Hall 209, Ext. 3219

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