What is FYP?

Finding Your Place is a first-year program (conveniently the same acronym) that allows freshman to be introduced to campus, course work, professors, and fellow classmates in a discipline other than the one they'll be pursuing. Its place-based approach synthesizes knowledge and experiences across many disciplines and prepares them for an engaged life beyond Sewanee. 

How is FYP structured?

The program consists of 100-level FYRP courses, representing a diversity of academic disciplines that begin in mid-August and end in mid-October. FYRP courses are conducted in two parts. A nine-day, pre-semester immersion allows students explore the concept of a place and the surrounding Domain through plenary lectures, common readings, and field trips. With assistance from trained mentors, each course is led by one professor—a professor who also serves as the students' first year advisor. Once the semester begins, the course continues with weekly seminars and/or field classes that focuses through one disciplinary lens. Students deepen their understanding of the topic through a "capstone" project. What's more, the FYRP courses even meet a General Education Requirement.

Come And Find Your Place